2D Animation reel

Here we are!! It´s my updated 2d animation reel. With a lot of stuff from the amazing world of Gumball and anothers projects.

I have more material but i can´t show it yet.

Don´t hesitate to contact me and i´ll send you my latest work in 3d animation.

I hope you enjoy




Ilustration Friday: Identical

My new entry!!! My apologies but i did it too fast. The new topic is Identical! I think it was easy to think about the lovely Cecilia!

Mi nueva entrada!! Disculpas por el acabado final, pero esta semana no tuve demasiado tiempo libre.
Con este nuevo tema, creo que era facil pensar en la entrañable Cecilia!
“ELLOS NO ME DEJARON TERMINARLO” es lo que dice la autora de la restauracion.